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 Rickmansworth Town Centre


"Strong leadership and effective staff team ensure


that children are at the heart of everything that is


is done in the setting"


"Rich and stimulating play and learning enviroment"  as quoted from our recent excellent OFSTED inspection

Rickmansworth Town Centre Daybreak opened in 2004. Situated within the popular High Street of Rickmansworth, there is nearby train line access into London making it ideal for commuters. This central site offers a wide range of exciting experiences for the children to visit and be involved in. These include trips to 'The Aquadrome', Watersmeet Theatre (adjoining building), local shops, fire station, train station and trips into London to the Natural History Museum.  It is important for all the children to have access to an outdoor play area and our garden includes a wide range of equipment with safety play surface and a natural area for budding gardeners to watch their plants grow. We also offer flexible childcare to cater for all your needs.


 The Food Standards Agency awarded 5 out of 5 stars in our most recent inspection. The inspection is carried out to the same level of any professional catering company that prepares and serves food. The nutritional quality and the standard of hygiene of our ‘home cooked’ foods has become our hallmark.

Laura Roberts - Senior Company Manager


Laura Orawski

Laura Roberts started with Daybreak in our Rickmansworth Town Centre Nursery when it opened in 2004. She has progressed from a Team Leader to a Senior Nursery Manager. In addition to this internal career progresion,  she has also undertaken her Foundation Degree in Early Years, achieving a BA (Hons) in Education Studies and has also been awarded Early Years Professional Status. This determination ensures that her staff team are encouraged to also reach their full potential and has resulted in an extremely high level of qualified staff at the Rickmansworth Town Centre nursery.  In addition Laura has now been given the title Senior Company Manager. Alongside the running of her nursery she now spends time at all three other sites supporting and assisting the management and staff teams. Laura uses her 19 years' experience and expertise at daybreak to bring the sites together and shares ideas and practice.


Our Rooms

Babies 1-2 years

We have space for 15 babies per day in our baby unit consisting of 2 interconnecting play rooms, a separate sleep room and private nappy changing area. The rooms are designed to offer a range of play and sensory experiences, with a cosy ‘home from home’ atmosphere.

Our settling in sessions are designed to speed up bond building between our staff and your child. Having a parent or carer present in addition reassures the child in his/her new environment and gives you an opportunity to get to know the staff. We therefore encourage your presence in these sessions. 




Toddlers 2-3 years

Each child will have individual have taster sessions when moving from the baby room making it a fun and stress free experience. With space for up to 20 children, the toddler room provides a bright and spacious environment with a range of activities that support both child-initiated play and adult-led exploration exercises. The room layout comprises designated areas where children are encouraged to become immersed in sensory, creative and tactile activities. All resources and equipment is child safe and are readily accessible to your child.

The toddler room has its own separate bathroom with facilities for nappy changing, potty training and toileting. This proximity to the main toddler room is useful to our staff as they assist your child in his /her toilet training.




Pre-school 3-5 years

Our pre-school room provides a spacious area for 20 Children. It is here we build upon the existing foundations of toddler learning. The Pre-school main playroom is divided into designated areas for learning and play activities. These include areas for construction, role-play, home corner, science, mathematics, small science world and creative exploration in our ‘exploratory’ area. There is also an area for ICT, numeracy and literacy within the room where children can access books, puzzles, games and a computer that supports independent learning through play.

Pre-School also have joining doors with the garden where we offer free flow throughout the children's day giving them choice and independence. 

At pre-school level, we aim to develop independent learning, inquiring and listening skills as well as communication and social skills. These are essential precursors that lead to a happy and confident child as they make their transition to primary school.





Our Garden

The Jungle area - 



Outdoors sensory area  -